Welcome to the How to train your bipod Blog... your go-to resource for everything related to bipods, stability, and precision in shooting. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or just getting started, this blog aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge, tips, and reviews to help you elevate your shooting game with some accessories in this case bipods. 

The market of bipods and gun accessories has greatly increased over the decades making it hard to figure out what is good, not so good, and straight-up mediocre. At Accu-Tac we believe in good quality accessories that benefit the shooter 

Now if you're starting your shooting journey you might have a lot of questions even if you're a pro you might have some questions due to the growth of the market in such a rapid time so this blog aims to answer some questions about our product and bipods in general.

You are more than welcome to comment, and leave questions you might have or things you would like me to post about! any feed back and constructive criticism is welcomed.


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