• WHAT IS A BIPOD? A bipod is a 2-legged front support for your firearm that provides stability helps improve accuracy.
  • HOW WOULD A BIPOD HELP MY FIREARM? By using a front support, like a bipod, you will have a stabilized position for a more accurate shot.
  • WHAT DOES AN ACCU-TAC BIPOD MOUNT ON TO? We currently mount on to any standard 1913 picatiny rail or Arca Swiss/style rail.
  • WHAT MATERIAL ARE ACCU-TAC PRODUCTS MADE OF? We use high quality domestic air craft alloys such as 6061 / 2024 / 7075 / 4130 / 4340 / 17-4 SS and many others depending on the application needed.
  • WHAT ARE THE FUNCTIONALITIES OF YOUR BIPOD? Our bipods can be cantered from left to right, some models have the ability to pan/swivel, the legs can be maneuvered individually in to 4 different positions, and the legs are spring loaded with a one button retract to increase or decrease height.
  • ARE THERE ANY ACCESSORIES FOR THE BIPODS? We currently have optional spiked feet to replace the standard rubber feet for a more aggressive traction on dirt, sand, or any soft surface, there is also an optional claw for the spiked feet, and lastly we offer Sled Feet which are ideal for long range and heavy caliber shooting to help comply with recoil.
  • WHAT FIREARMS ARE YOUR BIPODS COMPATIBLE WITH? Our bipods mount on to any rifle or long gun that has a compatible Arca style or 1913 Picatinny rail.
  • HOW WOULD I PURCHASE AN ITEM? You can find your favorite dealer or you can order directly from us.
  • HOW WAS ACCU-TAC STARTED? Accu-tac was designed based on a need of high quality bipods and accessories. We were on the market for high-end accessories and only found overpriced, middle of the road quality products. We figured why not make our own line?! We wanted to provide high quality products that are manufactured in the USA.