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The Hydro-Bipod is our most innovative bipod yet! This model is meant to cater to long-range and extreme long-range users, but will also be a great tool for any precision-driven user.

The Hydro-Bipod has the ability to cant, and the center hub has a hydraulic vertical adjustment option that can be adjusted with an X-handle control that pushes fluid through a hose. The legs have outward, forward, and backward leg position options, as well as the option to extend the leg for added height. 


Materials 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy / High strength steel hardware
Min. Height 5.13” / 130.302 mm
Max. Height 12”/ 304.8 mm
Position One Min. Stance 17.250” / 438.15 mm
Open Position Min Stance 21.250"/ 539.75 mm
Position One Max. Stance 21.250” / 539.75 mm
Open Position Max Stance 25.5"/ 647.7 mm
Closed Position Width 8.88" / 225.552 mm
Closed Position Length 11.0” / 279.4 mm
Remote Hose Length 24"/ 609.6 mm
Weight with Remote 72 oz
Color Flat Black, Black, Red
Coating Type III ( MIL-SPEC ) Hard Anodize (matte)
Coating Type II Hard Anodize/ Bright Dip (red/black)