Hello there, here once again with another bipod-related topic... this time is not only things about bipods but rather which bipods might be the best fit for you. Just to be clear this really depends on you as a shooter as well as your needs and preferences if you're tall and you sitting down using a BR-4 might be difficult because you will have to constantly crouch. However, with the SR-5 model more height will be facilitated allowing you to sit comfortably. Just like height different variables might come across when picking a Bipod. I have created this chart according to some of the most common shooting styles and the bipods that might work for you.


**Just an FYI these all depend on your guns and preferences as a shooter** 


Before proceeding you have to ask yourself a couple of questions, do I want my bipod to pan(swivel) and cant or ONLY cant? Do I have an Arca or Picatinny rail? What is my longest magazine? What will I mostly be using my bipod for? And even though it might sound silly, is my bipod tall enough for me?  After asking yourself these questions you can now proceed to look at different bipods, just so you know all of our ACCU-TAC bipods CANT



Bench rest, air guns and target shooting 

WB, FC (pans and cants), and sometimes according to your gun you want more stability so it will do the trick  HD-50 


BR-4, BR-4 Arca, and the FD-4 Arca/ Picatinny. The FD-4 was made specifically for PRS and NRL shooters  

Long-range and extreme long-range 

Hydro bipod, WB, FC, and HD-50 

Recreational and Tactical

SR-5, PC-5, and BR-4 (for short magazines) 

All of our bipods were designed to cater to your needs as a shooter however bipods like the HD-50, FD-4, and the hydro bipod are catered to a really specific audience because, let's be honest. If you're a PRS shooter you have to be on the go a hydro bipod wouldn't allow that while the FD-4 is as simple and optimized as it can be for quick use. The hydro bipod looks so COOL the design is innovative and it's a new model that is beautifully made however it is meant for long and extreme long-range shooters the bipod only “lifts” 0.75” which is this tiny baby amount in a long-range shot that .75 of an inch or even less could mean you either win or lose your shot.


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