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The Claw was designed as an optional accessory for the Spiked feet. Simply screw the claw on the outer thread of the spike. It will convert the spike to a clawed foot which is perfect for sand, mud, or any soft surface that your bipod can sink into.

*Will fit any Accu-Tac Spike with the outer thread.

Customer Reviews

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Lonnie Grabowska
Great product!

The bipod and spike claws together make for a very durable and steady platform. The spike claws are an absolute “must” addition to any of the bipod set ups you purchase. Simple to install and very effective on all terrains to dig in. Definitely worth the price as an addition to your set up.

Mark Lienhard
Spike Claws

Work great!

Brenda Turner
Claw Review

Combined with the spike feet these claws certainly add a necessary advantage. Allowing the spikes to remain above softer soils, sand, and packed snow helps to ensure the bipod remains stable even in less than ideal conditions.

However, the attachment of the spikes and the rubber feet needs to be other than the current screw-in design. A push-to-click attachment with a ball indent release would ensure no loose feet and add real confidence that feet were going to remain in place even after extend use.

My guess is that this issue will be addressed . . . given the quality of the bipod and the natural desire of any company owner to improve their products toward securi g greater market share.

Hello Brenda, thank you for taking the time to give such a descriptive review, this will be helpful for other shooters.

The feet for the bipod are designed to thread in allowing them to be a quick tool-less accessory for fast swaps in the field, we do recommend using thread-locking fluid in order to make sure they don’t loosen with constant use.